Cupcake Cars at the Maker Faire

By cupcakeSerenity 
On Saturday, May 22nd, thousands flocked to the San Mateo Fairgrounds to help celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, and the do-it-yourself mindset.  Each spring, people come from the San Fransisco Bay area and beyond to the annual Maker Faire to see what’s new in the world of zany inventions.  More than 600 inventors and artists shared their wares this year.  Among them was Greg Solberg, maker of the completely electric, motorized “cupcake car.”

These cupcake cars (sometimes called muffin cars) were invented in 2004.  They can go as fast as 15 mph.  Each car has room for just one person, whose head sticks out the top of the cupcake.  There are currently 16 cupcake cars in existence, and they are stored in a “secret location,” in Berkeley, California.