Cupcake Chat

We don’t just create cupcakes, we talk about them too! You can’t only eat cupcakes. Sometimes you have to talk about them too!

Eclipse Mania




We are so excited to be living in the epicenter of the total eclipse coming up this month. The hotels are all booked and anyone with land is leasing out space for campers and RVs. It is going to be a crazy couple of days. And the best part......Cupcakes are…

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Garden Party




Spring is demanding that winter let her in! It's time to get those gardens going. I am looking forward to getting my herbs and veggies in the ground, but I am excited about these beautiful flowers! Dummen Orange offers a large variety of colors in their Confetti Garden cupcake series.…

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Sip and Save




With the proliferation of reusable straws, and not to mention the TUMBLER CRAZE, it is no surprise that straw caps are now a thing. You can get caps for every occasion and personality. Etsy has hundreds if not thousands to choose from. I love this cute cupcake from Etsy's Olive…

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