August – Already – Really!?!?!?




Butterfly Clock

I know that as an adult, the perception of time moves much faster than it did when I was a child, but sometimes it feels like it is on SUPER FAST FORWARD!!!   Within the last 6 weeks my 2 college roommates and I all turned 50!  FIFTY!!!!  Honestly, 21 seems just like five years ago.

Even on a smaller level, our friends recently announced the date of their yearly Halloween party – HALLOWEEN!  Now, granted, it IS still a bit early to be discussing such things, but they wanted to be sure and get it on everyone’s calendar, (not to mention to give a heads up that it’s time to start planning that costume if you wish to stand ANY chance of competing with the hard core creatives that will be in attendance).

It is indeed AUGUST, the 8th month of the year.  School starts in 3 weeks.  The time has arrived to start planning for all of the end of summer celebrations.  It’s also not to early to start planning Corporate Holiday Events.  If you are in charge of such things, please be sure and call us to schedule your event as early as possible, because we will start booking up soon…….Don’t let time get away from you!

Now, go savor the remains of  summer!


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