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Winter Wonderland

We are ringing in February here in North Texas with an ICE STORM! I am so thankful that we don’t have to be on the roads and can hunker down at home with a cozy fire and our favorite cold weather meals. Closed offices all over town mean caterings will be rescheduled. Next week may be a bit hectic, but today I am just going to revel in the peace and calm.

Praying all of you are somewhere safe and warm!

A New Dawn

Whew, we made it! Welcome 2023!!!! I am trying not to put too much pressure on this new beginning, but I do have very high hopes for the upcoming year!!!

To Health, Happiness, Fulfillment, Appreciation, Positive Changes, and All Things Beautiful.

Sweet November

November has arrived. Fall is into full swing, as is school life, football, and beautifully crisp cool mornings. There is still a little time before the Holiday frenzy kicks in…..a chance to just be in a routine! I find a great deal of comfort in that. I also am looking forward to everyday being sweater weather, and enjoying my Pumpkin Spice Latte with one of these cute cupcake sleeves from Etsy’s Desert Moon Crochet.

It’s Fall Y’all

Finally we are getting a break from the heat. It is beautiful, open the windows weather outside! Football is in full swing, (win some/lose some). And everyone is getting ready for trick or treaters! Plus, October is my wedding anniversary…….so many reasons to love this month!!!

Celebrate September

As I write this entry, “September” by Earth Wind and Fire is literally playing on my Pandora station! How fortuitous!

Bring on September and hopefully cooler fall weather!!

I celebrate September 1st especially as it is the birthday of two of the most important beings in MY life. Sir Barry Gibb and my Miss Sophie Jane.

Enjoy the month.

Auuuugggghhhh ust

Well here we are embarking on August, which is traditionally THE hottest month of the year. After the July we just suffered through here in North Texas this year, I hope August will be far kinder. It’s hard to believe but this also means its time to think Back To School!

There are a lot of cupcake themed products for school, backpacks, notebooks, even cupcake carriers for your lunchbox. We love them all, but we thought these erasers were just delightful. Brings back very fond memories. You can find these fun erasers at

July Joys

Well I can’t believe that HALF of the year is already gone!!!! Wow!
There is so much going on in the world right now, and a lot of it is pretty scary. So, I wanted to take a moment to count the Joys!

We have a brand new family member that is due to make his debut any day now.
Our garden is producing beautiful fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.
Our A/C is in good working order.
Me and my family are all healthy.
It’s Ice Cream Truck Season!

Mom’s the Word

May is here and this year it is ALL about MOM! Of course Mother’s day is May 8th. But this year there is so much more to it around here. Our lovely neighbor just brought home a new baby. We are looking forward to watching him grow and learn. Plus my Nephew and Niece-in-law are expecting this summer, so I am headed off to a baby shower later this month. I am so excited!

So welcome May!!! And cupcakes for ALL the Mom’s!

Celebration Season

Spring has sprung and there is so much to celebrate! Wedding and baby showers, graduation is coming up, Easter, maybe just because it’s beautiful outside.

Whatever you are celebrating, if Oh My! Catery is there, it will be that much more special! We can’t wait to serve you!