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Garden Party

Spring is demanding that winter let her in! It’s time to get those gardens going. I am looking forward to getting my herbs and veggies in the ground, but I am excited about these beautiful flowers! Dummen Orange offers a large variety of colors in their Confetti Garden cupcake series. This one is my favorite because of all the colors, but be sure and check them out to find your favorite.

Sip and Save

With the proliferation of reusable straws, and not to mention the TUMBLER CRAZE, it is no surprise that straw caps are now a thing. You can get caps for every occasion and personality. Etsy has hundreds if not thousands to choose from. I love this cute cupcake from Etsy’s Olive Lane. What is your favorite?

Welcome 2024

I am really not sure how we got here so quickly, but alas, 2023 is officially in the past and 2024 is here to reset the clock and give us all a fresh start.

Embrace this opportunity and live life to the fullest this year. Find joy and spend time doing what you love with those that you love.

I pray that this year is a breath of fresh air in every way possible.

From the Oh MY! Catery Family to You and Yours, truly……..Happy New Year!

The World Series

I will admit, I have never been a baseball fan. Seriously, it was the most boring sport to watch. And I watch GOLF!!! I did enjoy going to the games, but that was way more about the people watching and the hot dogs than it was about the game. Well 2 things changed this year. The first is a rules change that put a clock on the plays! WOW what a difference. No more waiting what felt like hours for them to throw each and every pitch! It really is a game changer as far as being able to watch a game on TV! The 2nd thing that changed this year is the Texas Rangers are playing in the WORLD SERIES!!!

This is huge. I couldn’t be prouder of the team that has come from seemingly nowhere to be on this stage! You are making us all proud……and dare I say it, gaining fans for the whole sport!


Time Flies

As usual I can’t believe it is already AUGUST! But there is so much more to it than that. My family and I just celebrated the FIRST birthday of my Great Nephew. He has grown and changed so much, but still, it’s been a YEAR!?! Not Possible!

Later this month I will be having a reunion with my college roomates. It’s been…….DECADES! Honestly it seems like only maybe 5 years ago……

It’s all so bittersweet.

Fan Fan

HOO Boy is this summer heat already doing a number on all of us. I like it cooler than most I know, but seriously heat is quite dangerous. It really makes you appreciate any and all air movement! Bless you and thank you to whomever invented and keeps improving on the fan! From beautiful and artistic ceiling fans, the classic table top fan, the workhorse box fan, the modern tech battery operated neck fans, to the good old hand fan…….whatever gets the air flowing, I’m all for it!

Stay cool and hydrated out there. And, always keep a fan handy! I love this one from Etsy’s FestivalMerch.

The Royal Treatment

May is the month of Mother’s Day, and you want to be sure and give Mom the royal treatment! Get some good ideas by watching the Coronation of King Charles. In honor of both, here is a recipe shared by Good Housekeeping in 2020 for the Queen’s Chocolate Cupcakes from the Royal Pastry Chef’s:

The Royal Pastry Chefs’ Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
Ingredients for the cake sponges – (serves approximately 15)

– 15g vinegar
– 300ml milk
– 50ml vegetable oil
– 60g butter (melted and cool)
– 2 eggs
– 5ml of vanilla essence
– 250g of self-raising flour
– 75 of cocoa powder
– 300g caster sugar
– 10g bicarbonate of soda
– 100g white chocolate chips
– cupcake cases

Ingredients for the buttercream topping:
– 90g of high percentage dark chocolate
– 100g butter
– 125g icing sugar

Option to also use Royal icing, instead of buttercream:
– Royal icing available pre-made in shops
– Add food colouring to create different colours

Cake sponge method:
1.Preheat the oven to 150 C
2.Combine the flour, sugar, cocoa powder and bicarbonate of soda into a mixing bowl
3.Whisk the eggs in a separate jug, with the vanilla essence, melted butter, oil, milk and vinegar
4.Slowly add the wet mixture into the dry mixture, little by little
5.Ensure the batter is smooth with no lumps
6.Finally add the chocolate chips (alternatives could be nuts, dried fruit)
7.Lay the cupcake cases onto a tray
8.Use a metal spoon to equally divide the mixture into the cases
9.Bake for around 15-18 minutes, take out of the oven when golden and springy on touch
10.Leave to cool

Buttercream icing method:
1.Cream the sugar and butter together, until light and creamy
2.Add in the warm melted chocolate
3.If you have a piping bag to hand, pipe the icing on the top of cakes for decoration (otherwise gently use a teaspoon or small spatula to ice)

Royal icing method:
1.If decorating with royal icing, roll the icing out and cut into circular disks
2.Lay the disc over the cupcake and mould to required shape

image by Clares Cupcakes London

Feeling LUCKY

Well March has arrived and it brings with it thoughts on luck.

I have decided to embrace my luck even when it doesn’t always appear to be good luck. The recent death of a tablet is a great example. A completely inoperable tablet is bad luck. But when researching the reason for the crash a dangerously hot battery was discovered. So while the tablet may no longer be usable, at least it didn’t start a fire! GOOD LUCK!

I won’t bore you with more examples, of which I have many. You get the point. Just remember sometimes bad luck is actually good luck. You just have to look for it. I encourage you to do just that.