The Brilliance of Jim Gaffigan




I am a big fan of Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up comedy, (he and I have a very similar outlook on FOOD), and I’m enjoying his new sit-com, The Jim Gaffigan Show.  In a recent episode, he struggled with the evils of a red velvet cake that he was forced to eat, because it was a gift from Nuns……Really, he had NO choice!

Based on his recent Facebook post, it’s paying off for him big time!


Comedian Ron White did a famous bit about his alias, Ron Tater Salad White, which he said  has caused uncountable fans to shower him with potato salad everywhere he goes.  He said he wished in hind sight that his alias had been Ron 50-Year-Old Scotch White!

I suspect that Jim will continue to receive much sweet love from “The Nuns” for many years to come.  Well played Jim, well played!

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